Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Choose your weapon - ODA Booth 2010

This year's theme at the ODA was 'Choose your weapon'. Our booth had a 3 foot 2x4, 3 hammers and several TLZ crowns to choose from. Dentists were asked to drive a crown into the wood with the hammer to experience the strength of a TLZ crown. It took a single hand sledge hammer to finally break a crown. This crown was abused for a month before finally succumbing to our punishment.

The TLZ crown is tough, yet esthetic, adjustable, and polishable chairside. TLZ crowns are appropriate for nearly all posterior cases.

Friday, September 17, 2010

TLZ compared to pfm

This is a demonstration that was conducted at our laboratory comparing the fracture toughness of conventional porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges to the TLZ crown. Below is the result of driving crowns into a wood plank with a hammer. The TLZ crown exhibited no change while the pfm restorations were destroyed.

TLZ Indestructable Crown Video

TLZ crowns are practically indestructible. This fun video will demonstrate a series of tests we conducted at our facility in Cleveland, OH. The crown we tested has been put through tests for many weeks, primarily driving it into solid wood with the force of a hammer. This crown has been hammered by technicians and dentist for weeks without any signs of chipping or breakage.

TLZ - There are competitors, but no contenders

Crystal Translithic TLZ all-zirconia crowns and bridges are the ideal restoration for posterior crowns and bridges. We have completed hundreds of cases with very satisfied clients and patients. Because these crowns and bridges are monolithic, not porcelain fused or layered or pressed, to a substructure, there are not weak spots, and resistance to fracturing, sheering, chipping, breaking, and wearing are maximized.
There is a genuine reluctance to try an all zirconia crown for two reasons. Wear against opposing and adjustability. This was a major criteria for ROE Dental Laboratory when choosing an all-zirconia product. TLZ is a yttria stabilized zirconia with three other trace elements. This compound consists of extremely tiny particles, much smaller than a glass matrix, especially a feldspathic type porcelain. Due to this fine particle attribute, kindness to opposing, adjustability and polishability are a benefit, not a contraindication. Due to the popularity of TLZ and other full contour materials, test are being conducted and these conclusions are being published. Our TLZ is in the middle of such a study and the findings will be shared soon.
In the mean time. TLZ is ideal for bicuspids with standard shades, and molars. Our staining and firing technique make TLZ and esthetic restoration. The industrial milling technology makes TLZ extremely precise. And, the strength of material makes TLZ clinically indestructible.

TLZ flexural strength comparison

TLZ flexural strength comparison
Popular materials compared to TLZ