Monday, December 27, 2010

TLZ Crown is tested in a Carver Lab Press

We visited Dr. Anne Clouser's office in Chardon OH to test a TLZ molar in her Carver Lab Press. The lab press drove a TLZ crown into a 2x4 under 1200 Psi. You can hear the wood splitting during the test. This is one of many tests performed on one single test crown. This crown has been thrown from a building, run over with a car and a forklift and beaten with a hammer for months, without fracture.

Unheard of among dental materials, TLZ is designed to last a lifetime! Tested at a flexural strength of 850 MPa, our High-Translucency, monolithic formula zirconia is stronger than nearly all other restorations on the market. TLZ is appropriate for posterior restorations, is completed in just 6 laboratory days and is guaranteed to satisfy.

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TLZ flexural strength comparison

TLZ flexural strength comparison
Popular materials compared to TLZ