Friday, October 28, 2011

Zirconia Restorations - 200% jump

The number of Zirconia-based restorations produced at ROE has jumped 200% in the last year. To put this in perspective, metal-free restorations account for 30% of the fixed work produced by all dental laboratories in the USA, while at ROE we are above 50%, and at least half of these restorations involve zirconia. Due to the frequently asked questions, we thought we would share some facts about zirconia. 

What is zirconia? Dental and medical zirconia is labeled as a bioceramic, which means it is biocompatible. It is primarily composed of zirconium, an extremely hard, low reactive, inorganic metal-oxide with a high melting point. It is also considered the oldest mineral on earth. Conversely, zirconia-based restorations in dental are coded by insurance providers as allceramic. We consider zirconia a breakthrough material and a magnifi cent substitute for traditional metal-based restorations. 

How is it designed for dental? 

In-operatory adjustment of zirconia:

Recommended Bur Kits for Adjusting Zirconia:

Wear to opposing:

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